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Taxi Map provides online minicab fare estimates and taxi booking services. This page answers frequently asked questions about the service and explains some of its features.

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What is Taximap

Taximap is an online service designed to allow minicab companies to offer online fare price estimates and booking of taxi journeys via their own existing website.

Next Question: How does Taximap work?

How does Taximap work?

First, Taximap stores information used to calculate fares in a database. This information is entered by minicab companies via the member's area. In order to access the member's area minicab companies must register and be approved. A username and password will be generated and sent via email.

Taximap then uses this data in conjunction with Google Maps to calculate a fare for a journey specified by a user. The user is then able to call the minicab company to book a cab or use the online booking system.

Taximap will usually be integrated with the minicab company's website. This is very straightforward requiring only a single line of code to be added.

Next Question: Who is Taximap for?

Who is Taximap for?

Taximap is for any minicab company that wants to increase its business, and provide online fare estimates and online taxi booking to customers.

Next Question: How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Taximap is currently a free service whilst in testing.

Next Question: Do I need a website?

Do I need a website?

As a minicab company wishing to make use of Taximap having a website is not essential, but the advantages Taximap can provide to cab firms will be severely limited if there is not a website on which to publish the system.

Taximap can provide minicab companies a rudimentary website as required. Please contact us for more information.

Next Question: How do I book a taxi?

How do I book a taxi?

The Taximap system will be available from a link on your favourite cab company's web site.

From there you need to enter or select pick up points, any stops, and a final destination for your journey. This can be acheived using a number of methods:

  • Enter a postcode
  • Double click the map at the point
  • Drag a point to a more accurate location
  • Enter a street address
  • Enter a landmark or placename
  • Select an airport
Once all stops are entered click 'Calculate Price' to display the estimates for your taxi ride. Prices are displayed for standard saloon (for up to 4 passenger) and MPV (for up to 6 passengers or large or heavy luggage).

A BOOK button is available beneath each price. Clicking it will launch the booking form. The booking form will note details of each stop, the route and the fare estimate supplied. The rest of the booking form should then be completed and submitted.

Once submitted, the cab firm will either telephone, text or email (depending on your preference) to confirm the booking or offer an alternative.

Next Question: Are quoted taxi fares accurate?

Are quoted taxi fares accurate?

Fare prices quoted are estimates based on your input. Any journey is not expected to fall outside of the estimate by +/- 10%. Please read our user terms.

Next Question: Can I cancel a cab booking?

Can I cancel a cab booking?

Please contact the cab company with which you booked your taxi directly. Contact details for the cab comapny will have been included in your confirmation email.

Next Question: Which areas are covered?

Which areas are covered?

Taximap aims to cover the whole of the United Kingdom with Taxi Booking services.